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Markham Commercial Lease Terminations and Lockouts

When your commercial tenant failed to pay the rent, the Landlord has two options: Change the locks or seize and dispose of the tenants property to recover arrears.

Markham Vehicle and Equipment Repossession

Does someone owe you money or a lease or financing of a vehicle? We take care of repossessions of cars, trucks, boats, heavy equipment, restaurant and club equipment, and more!

Markham abandoned vehicle ownership

A vehicle has been left on your property for an extended period of time - you can claim to be yours with the help of a bailiff abandoned vehicle ownership service.


Markham lien registration and search

We provide lien registration for Auto Mechanics and Repair facilities. If a customer owes you money for repairs, and you have proper documentations including signed work orders and estimates, you may register a lien against the customer's vehicle and get your money back!

A licenced bailiff can help!

Contact a licenced bailiff in Markham to recover your unpaid rent or liquidate tenant's possessions to recover arrears


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